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The mini-saline for your home - success story and latest publication

We are pleased to inform you that our innovative mini-saline “SalinoVatis” has already attracted a lot of attention shortly after its launch. Only sent out at the end of the week, a positive article about our mini-saline has already been published on

Our mini-saline is based on the traditional technique of graduation towers in spas, where salty water trickles over branches to create a healthy microclimate. With SalinoVatis, we bring this soothing atmosphere directly into your home. Our mini saline works with a highly concentrated salt solution of up to 30%, which enhances the positive effects of the salt aerosols - such as promoting blood circulation and inhibiting inflammation.

The article particularly emphasizes the user-friendliness of our Mini-Saline. The tester compliments the well thought-out design, which ensures the continuous movement of the brine and thus ensures constant air quality. The mechanical level indicator and the option of purchasing the appliance in different colors were also mentioned positively. These features make the SalinoVatis not only effective, but also convenient and appealing for everyday use.

Another advantage of the SalinoVatis is its energy efficiency. With an output of just 1.5 W, the appliance can be operated around the clock without incurring high electricity costs. The quiet pump ensures that you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the salty air undisturbed.

Particularly pleasing is the confirmation by the renowned Prof. Dr. Biener Institute that minerals from the liquid brine are detectable in the ambient air. This scientific validation underlines the effectiveness of our Mini-Saline in improving indoor air quality.

We are proud that our Mini-Saline has met with such a positive response and would like to thank for the detailed reporting. Find out more about the positive effects and technical details of our Mini-Saline in the full article here.
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