Frau schnäuzt in Taschentuch in einem Feld von gelb blühenden Pflanzen.

Nature makes me... sick?!

Spring is finally here. Sunshine, rising temperatures and a good mood lure young and old out of the house. But unfortunately, nature doesn't suit everyone. What happens when a walk in the park or a get-together with friends becomes a burden?

Eine Tablettendose mit der Aufschrift "Allergy", neben einigen benutzten Taschentüchern, und einer Hand, die danach greift

Allergic diseases are among the most common health problems in Germany.
According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), around 20-30% of the population in Germany suffers from allergic reactions.

The increase in pollen and other allergens in the air at this time of year can make spring allergies such as hay fever, allergies to tree blossom, grass pollen and house dust mites particularly challenging, as many people are sensitive to them.
Reactions can vary in type, intensity and duration. Some allergy sufferers experience sneezing fits or a runny/stuffy nose, while others complain of itchy or watery eyes, skin rashes or even shortness of breath.
Regardless of the symptoms and their intensity, they can lead to physical anxiety and, in the worst cases, cause sufferers to avoid the outdoors and isolate themselves.

Can we use natural methods to help alleviate symptoms?

The pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range of medications, from eye drops to antihistamines and nasal sprays. However, in the case of long-term allergies, in addition to side effects such as the risk of addiction or abuse, high costs can also be expected due to high demand or the development of tolerance.
An alternative to pharmaceutical products is offered by natural therapies such as a visit to a salt cave or graduation tower, which rely on the healing effects of salt.

Jordanien, am Ufer des Toten Meers mit sichtbaren Salzkrusten auf den Steinen

Benefits of salt

Salt invigorates the body by stimulating blood circulation, among other things. This naturally also has an effect on the respiratory tract and mucous membranes, which are heavily supplied with blood. The increased blood circulation in turn promotes mucus formation and the removal of mucus, which is helpful for allergic symptoms. Salt in the air can also reduce the concentration of other potentially harmful particles, as it binds to them and causes them to sink to the ground due to its weight. It is these particles that are often the main cause of an allergic reaction, so a natural filter system like SalinoVatis can provide real relief, especially at home.

Easily accessible and permanent solution

However, visiting a salt cave or graduation tower involves a lot of effort (e.g. travel to and from, travel costs) and only has a temporary effect due to the short stay. Despite these limitations, these therapeutic options do not have to be abandoned.
With its comparatively compact size, SalinoVatis creates a valuable microclimate of around 1 cubic meter around the device, which is comparable to the climate on a coast.

Eine Frau bedient lächelnd einen Tablet-PC, daneben auf einem Tisch ein SalinoVatis Bamboo

The size also makes it easy to find a suitable place for the Mini Saline.
Whether next to the bed at night, on the desk during working hours or next to the couch during cozy hours at home. You can permanently surround yourself with the soothing breezes of the SalinoVati. The operation of the marine air conditioner can be determined more quickly in small rooms. A room size of 10-15 square meters is ideal. However, the pleasant salt air can also be felt in larger rooms in the immediate vicinity of the appliance.

Extend your carefree time and enjoy the beauty of spring

The modern system is ideal for extending the health-promoting effects of a beach vacation, a visit to a graduation tower or halotherapy in a salt cave and for bridging the time between spa visits.
SalinoVatis is therefore the perfect complement to a sustainable therapy for respiratory complaints. As with other alternative therapy options, conventional medical care and treatment should always be guaranteed. Convince yourself of the soothing atmosphere that SalinoVatis offers.

Alleviate natural causes with the power of nature at home with the SalinoVatis Mini Saline.

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