Refreshing sea breeze for your wellness oasis

With SalinoVatis, ambient air is pleasantly humidified and enriched with vitalizing salt and essential minerals - for carefree breathing and increased well-being

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What makes SalinoVatis unique?

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Good air

The concentration of allergens is lower at the sea. The air is less polluted with fine dust or toxines. But it is richer in salt aerosols. These provide a so-called "stimulating climate". The salt sets the organism in motion - and thereby promotes blood circulation. This also affects the respiratory tract and mucous membranes, which are strongly supplied with blood. This favors the formation of mucus, which alleviates many respiratory diseases and is beneficial to health.

Less stress

In addition to enriching the surrounding air with salt, the installation of the saline also ensures a more conscious approach to health and mindfulness.Every time you look at SalinoVatis, you are gently reminded to take your time and look after yourself. In combination with relaxing breathing exercises, SalinoVatis contributes to a healthier lifestyle. The hypnotic continuity of the brine drops has a calming effect, while the olfactory and acoustic impressions of the device stimulate subconscious relaxation, even without seeing the saline.

Wake up revitalized

The effects of salt are strongest within an immediate radius of one meter. SalinoVatis salines are suitable as a companion for your restful night sleep because of the pleasant but super subtle background noise. When the room is closed, the salt aerosols can spread for hours and provide a noticeable enriched atmosphere. Start fresh into every new day. And for even more seaside feeling simply take your SalinoVatis with you into the office or living room.

Do Yourself Some good

Salty air often has positive properties, especially on:

  • respiratory tract
  • blood circulation
  • skin
  • general immune system
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About SalinoVatis


What is a saline system and what is its intention?

The SalinoVatis saline system is modeled on the operation of graduation towers. These have been standing in numerous health resorts for centuries. Originally, the meter-high towers were intended for salt extraction. Equipped with brushwood or sturdy wood, natural salt water was pumped over the graduation towers. Because of the large surface area - created by the many individual branches - and the dripping from one branch to the next, the salt water is exposed to a lot of air. The water evaporates and rises into the surrounding air. With it, some of the precious salt in the form of aerosols. Most of the salt, however, collects in the catch basins at the base of the grading towers, from where it goes through the next same cycle. Until a salt concentration is reached in the brine (salt solution) that is suitable for further cooking into classic table salt.


This makes you wonder: What does this have to do with breathing?

Early on, it was noticed that the air around the huge graduation towers felt different. One tasted and smelled the salt, and especially people with allergies and chronic lung complaints noticed that they felt the same or similar positive effects near the graduation towers as at the sea. It is not least thanks to this maritime-like climate that many health resorts have been declared as such.


With chronic diseases of the lungs or respiratory tract, patients are often recommended by their treating physicians to take a trip to the sea or to said graduation towers. Also halotherapy in salt caves is a popular alternative method for the relief of respiratory complaints. These stays can be accomplished however by the fewest concerning in all regularity. For many it is only rarely possible to carry out a natural additional therapy with salt air due to vacation days, child care and high travel costs.


And even if you might be able to afford these excursions often, they are of temporary nature and linger at most for a few days after the actual stay.


This is where SalinoVatis comes into play. The saline system SalinoAir is a miniature version of the graduation tower principle. Suitable for any desk or bedside table. Despite its compact size, SalinoAir also creates a microclimate just around the device that can be compared to the sea. And you can install it flexibly in your home. Whether next to the bed during the night's rest, on the desk during working hours or next to the couch for the cozy hours at home. You can permanently surround yourself with soothing breezes from SalinoVatis. The modern system is ideal for prolonging the health-promoting effects of beach vacations or halotherapy, and for bridging time between spa visits. SalinoAir is thus the perfect complement for a sustainable therapy, medically recommended and supervised.

History of SalinoVatis

Many ideas, development time, perfections and above all a lot of heart blood were put into SalinoVatis. At the beginning, we never imagined that SalinoVatis would exist as it does now. You can say that the invention was rather a coincidental idea. Who doesn't know the feeling that the birthday of a beloved person is getting closer and closer, but you don't have a suitable present yet? It was the same for our inventor.



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