SalinoVatis: Advanced Mini Salines now available

SalinoVatis: Advanced Mini Salines now available

We are pleased to announce that our innovative product, the SalinoVatis Mini Saline, is now ready for series production. Our first article provides detailed insights into this new development. Read the full report here: Salty North Sea air in the bedroom: inventor gets Mini Saline ready for series production.

With SalinoVatis, our inventor has developed an inexpensive device that can support the treatment of respiratory and skin diseases at home. The sophisticated wooden structure from the 3D conveyor belt printer makes it possible to increase the salt content of the brine to over 30%. By comparison, the water in the North Sea has a salt content of around 3.5%.

SalinoVatis sets new standards compared to conventional humidifiers that are operated with salt water. While these devices often work with lower salt concentrations, our Mini Saline offers a higher, adjustable salt content that can be set to over 30 %. This compensates for SalinoVatis' compact size and creates an effect similar to being by the sea or at a large graduation tower.

Thanks to the modern 3D printing process, our Mini Salines are not only highly effective, but also attractively priced. Initial laboratory tests and customer testimonials confirm the positive effect of our innovation.

Discover the benefits of salty air for your home and experience the positive effects on your respiratory tract. We are very pleased to be able to offer you this innovative solution and look forward to welcoming you.
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